Central Florida Math Tournament (CFMT)


The Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society of Orlando Science High School invites all 4th and 5th grade Orange County students to compete at the Central Florida (CFMT) to be held on Saturday, December 14th, 2019.

Registration is now open! If you would like to register your student for this year's Invitational, visit the Registration page and fill out the form with your student's information. Registration will be available until Friday, December 6th, 2019.

Registration must be completed online no later than Friday, December 6th, 2019. Registration fee is $15 for each student and should be paid online via School Pay. The competition is open to first 250 students who applied.

Competition will take place at Orlando Science Elementary School campus which is located at 2601 Technology Drive, Orlando FL 32804.

We encourage all schools to participate, regardless of whether they currently have math teams or not. In Competition Math, any topics can and do arise. There are no guidelines or hints about how to solve the problems, so it truly is an opportunity to express and develop individual creativity and problem solving skills. However, in order to prepare your students, you may look at the past years’ questions.

We hope you will find this competition a rewarding mathematical experience for your students, and we look forward to your participation at our Invitational on December 14th.

If you have any questions, please contact us at ossmualphatheta@gmail.com


  • Students need to bring their own pencils.
  • No calculators allowed on any part of the tournament.
  • Certificates will be given to each participant.


Orlando Science Schools

Mu Alpha Theta High School Mathematics Honor Society

Central Florida Math Tournament

Competition Format

The competition consists of 2 different rounds:

Sprint Round (50 minutes):

The Sprint Round will consist of 25 multiple choice questions for each division (4th and 5th Grade). This round tests accuracy, with time being such that only the most capable students will complete all of the problems. Calculators are not permitted. There will be 25 questions on the test, and students will have 50 minutes to complete the test. Scoring is +5 points for each correct answer, 0 points for each incorrect answer, and 1 point for a question left blank.

Problem Solving Round (30 minutes):

Problem Solving Round consists of 12 free response problems presented to the competitors. The multi-step problems featured in this round engage students in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving process. The student will receive 10 points for each correct answer. Calculators are not permitted.


Final Score is calculated by taking the sum of the Sprint Round and Problem Solving Round scores.


The student with the higher Sprint Round score will receive the higher rank. If a tie remains after this comparison, any ties will be broken using a sudden death method where correct answers trump blank answers which then trump incorrect answers in the Problem Solving Round.


Individual Student Awards (in each grade):

1st place: iPad Mini

2nd place: All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet

3rd place: DROCON Drone for Beginners

4th through 20th place: Achievement Medals